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Henry's Law Constants





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When referring to the compilation of Henry's Law Constants, please cite this publication:

R. Sander: Compilation of Henry's law constants (version 4.0) for water as solvent, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 4399-4981 (2015), doi:10.5194/acp-15-4399-2015

Henry's Law ConstantsInorganic speciesOxygen (O) → oxygen

CAS RN:7782-44-7

Hscp d ln Hs cp / d (1/T) Reference Type Notes
[mol/(m3Pa)] [K]
1.2×10−5 1700 Warneck and Williams (2012) L
1.3×10−5 1500 Sander et al. (2011) L
1.3×10−5 1500 Sander et al. (2006) L
1.3×10−5 1400 Fernández-Prini et al. (2003) L 1)
1.3×10−5 1500 Battino et al. (1983) L
1.3×10−5 1500 Wilhelm et al. (1977) L
1.3×10−5 1400 Rettich et al. (1981) M
1.3×10−5 1400 Benson et al. (1979) M
1.2×10−5 1800 Carpenter (1966) M
1.3×10−5 1200 Winkler (1891b) M 2)
1.3×10−5 1500 Battino (1981) X 3) 4)
1.3×10−5 1500 Battino (1981) X 5)
1.2×10−5 1700 Dean (1992) ? 6)
1.3×10−5 Seinfeld (1986) ? 7)


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Table entries are sorted according to reliability of the data, listing the most reliable type first: L) literature review, M) measured, V) VP/AS = vapor pressure/aqueous solubility, R) recalculation, T) thermodynamical calculation, X) original paper not available, C) citation, Q) QSPR, E) estimate, ?) unknown, W) wrong. See Section 3.1 of Sander (2015) for further details.


1) Vapor pressure data for water from Wagner and Pruss (1993) was needed to calculate Hs.
2) Winkler (1891b) also contains high-temperature data. However, only data up to 330 K were used here to calculate the temperature dependence.
3) Value given here as quoted by Fogg and Sangster (2003).
4) Erratum for page 270 of Fogg and Sangster (2003): The CAS registry number is incorrect, and the corresponding equation is incorrect. The first term should be −178.763753281, not −187.07794.
5) Value given here as quoted by Lide and Frederikse (1995).
6) Only the tabulated data between T = 273 K and T = 303 K from Dean (1992) were used to derive Hs and its temperature dependence. Above T = 303 K, the tabulated data could not be parameterized very well. The partial pressure of water vapor (needed to convert some Henry's law constants) was calculated using the formula given by Sander et al. (1995). The quantities A and α from Dean (1992) were assumed to be identical.
7) Several references are given in the list of Henry's law constants but not assigned to specific species.

The numbers of the notes are the same as in Sander (2015). References cited in the notes can be found here.

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